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As always… thank you for the stellar, efficient manner in which you take care of my orders.
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After being hit by Typhoon Haiyan, Tacloban PH needs more jobs than aid. Outsource your jobs to us. Staff level can be increased anytime. We are offering new services now. Advance orders are entitled to discounts. Contact us for any inquiry.

SEO and Website Services

Blog Links
Profile Links
Other SEO Services
Website Design
Blog Links
Randomized Link Magnet

  • 12 High PR Web 2.0 blogs are created for you and these include blogs in .edu domains and other High PR Web 2.0 sites.
  • First, we write an original article optimized for your Keyword and then we spin & shuffle this article to more than 75% Uniqueness.
  • We use the resulting spun articles to post to the blogs.
  • We then interconnect some of the blogs while leaving some of the blogs on their own to make it look natural and random.
  • After we created the blogs, we supercharge each of the blogs with 40 high PR profile backlinks pointing to each blogs for a total of 480 profile links.

Web 2.0 Blog Links

  • 30 High PR Web 2.0 blogs for you and these include blogs in .edu domains and other High PR Web 2.0 sites.
  • First, we write an original optimized for your Keyword   and then we spin/shuffle this article to more than 75% Uniqueness.
  • We then use the resulting spun articles to post to the blogs.
  • All blog links point directly to your money site.

Supercharged Blogs

  • 12 high PR blogs are created for you, 9 Web 2.0 blogs mixed with 3 .edu/.gov blogs to increase link power.
  • This service includes writing, spinning and shuffling of article optimized for your Keyword.
  • Article is at least 75% unique.
  • After we created the blogs, we supercharge each of the blogs with 20 profile links pointing to each of the blogs for a total of 240 profiles.

Private Blog Network Posting Management

  • If you have your own private blog network, we can take care of posting your articles manually on them.
  • You can send us your own article and spun articles or we can make the articles for you that pass Copyscape which we will use to post to your private blog network.
  • We will use proxy server to post to your network so it appears that the post is coming from the same locality as yours.  It depends on what locality the posting of articles you want to appear.
  • Posting is done manually at random times so it appears natural to Google.

Profile Links
Standard Profile Links

  • Forum Profile Links to our InHouse list of more than 3,000 PR4-PR9 Dofollow sites.
  • Contextual, anchor text is embedded in the middle of the bio.
  • Bio info is unique every 20 profiles.
  • We provide the bio and free photo if the client cannot provide.
  • Can be done on a single pass or double pass method.
  • Maximum of 2 keywords and urls are allowed per profile due to the contextual nature of the bio.

Natural Profile Links

  • These are forum profile links that use natural keywords as links such as Click Here, Visit Here, URL only

Unique Profile Links

  • Similar to the standard profiles except that each profile created is unique.
  • We use a unique/different bio, name and username for every profile created.

.edu/.gov Profile Links

  • Forum profile links to high authority sites like the .edu/.gov sites.
  • This is one of the most powerful links as .edu/.gov sites carry a high trust rank with Google.
  • Links from this type of sites are mostly website address only as majority of .edu/gov sites allow only website site address. Nevertheless, the url link provides a powerful link juice to your site.

Angela/PJ Profile Links

  • Forum profile links using one of the most popular packet – Angela and PJ packet.
  • Just provide us with your packet list.

Other SEO Services
Social Links (Facebook Likes / Google +1 / Twitter tweets)

  • We click manually the FB Like or Google +1 button and tweet a certain page of your site.
  • These “social links” are done by real people, no bots.

Blog Commenting

  • These are links gotten by manually posting relevant feedback or comments in blog posts of DoFollow and High PR Blog Pages.
  • The PR of the page where the link is actually located ranges from PR 2 up to PR 6.
  • These are Page PR and not just Domain PR.

Social Bookmarking

  • We create unique bookmark descriptions and then post these bookmarks to Social bookmarking sites that are viewable by the public.
  • 100% manual bookmarking.


Article Writing Services

  • We write high quality original articles optimized for your chosen keyword and which passes CopyScape.
  • 100% Ownership of the article.
  • We also offer article spinning and shuffling services.

Link Cocktail

  • One of the most effective link packages we have.  The answer to the Google Penguin update.
  • Includes the most diverse types of links dripped naturally.

Guaranteed Rank

  • The price for this service depends upon the degree of competition on your keyword.
  • Billing is based on the increase in Google rank.

Link Removal Service

  • If your website have been penalized by Google, we can manually remove the links by logging into the account. Just give us the login details.
  • We can also remove your unwanted links by disavowing with Google.  Just give us the login details of your Google Webmaster Tool.

Online Reputation Service

  • Hit by undue negative feedback about your product or service? We make their comments disappear in Google Search Results so they can’t be found
  • We will push favorable reviews about your business or create new ones.
Website Design
Website Design Only

  • Affordable custom WordPress website design services for professionals and businesses.
  • We create sites that are search-engine optimized and pre-loaded with all the plugins necessary to get you started towards a fully integrated site.

Website Design & SEO Package

  • Affordable custom WordPress website design services for your network of niche sites.
  • Each niche site optimized for your desired keyword.
  • Includes onsite and offsite SEO services.
Website Migration to Responsive WordPress Platform

  • Affordable migration of your site to Responsive WordPress platform so that your website can be viewed presentably in different types of monitor devices like tablets, laptops, desktops and mobile phones.
  • The site will look more or less look the same as the old site in terms of color theme and functionality but more elegant and responsive.

Business Process outsourcing

  • You can outsource one or more of your business processes to us, either on a continuous or on a project basis. Just ask us for availability of staff. If not, we can set up a team that can handle your business process.


Long-term Joint Venture projects

  • We are open to enter into a joint venture projects with foreign companies who are looking for a local partner.  This is ideal for foreign companies who wants to dramatically decrease their operational costs but cannot accept the risk of third party outsourcing.  Discuss with us your project so we can work on a feasibility plan.

About Us

Symphonics Co. Ltd., the company behind one of the fastest growing SEO company in the Philippines, BacklinksPhilippines.com. With only less than two years in operation as an SEO company, the company boasts of being one of the trusted SEO companies by prominent Internet marketers as well as the force behind the top SEO companies in US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, among others.

We do all your work in-house. We have a team of 40 highly trained professionals and still growing. You are assured that we get your orders done because we have control of our people. Further, we can hire more people if the current staff level will be insufficient to handle your requirements.

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