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After you have made your payment, pls. accomplish this Link Order Form, so we can process your order immediately. If you have further questions and concerns, pls. just send us an email at

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  1. Bio Info for Profile Links: No need to provide. We will provide a relevant bio info for you depending on the type of service you order.
  2. Don't provide the Profile Name. We will provide you with fake profile name, username and email address for linkbuilding.
  3. Photo: We will provide royalty-free photo.
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  1. Enter your keywords and URLs below. If you submit 2 sets of keywords and URLs, pls. make sure the keywords are related. The article that we will create for you is only targeted to one topic. Make sure it is final as we don't accept changes after 24 hours from date of order. Check the correct spelling of the keywords and URLs and make sure the URL is not dead or in error.
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