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Customer Name

Please indicate here your real name. Don’t worry. Your real name will not be used for linkbuilding. Also, your name will be used for account monitoring. If you plan to place more job orders later, pls. use the same name to facilitate monitoring of domain names used for your account. We record all your final reports in our database for consolidation in order to prevent duplicate use of sites for the same domain name.

Email address to send reports

Real email address to send reports. We will send reports to this email address. Pls. make sure that the spam filter of this email address is set to receive emails from And please make sure also that it is set to receive file attachments. We have experience customers complaining that we have not attached the reports in the email when in fact, their email system restricts the receipt of attachments.

Paypal Email Address

Please indicate here the correct Paypal email address you used to pay us to facilitate verification of your payment. Some clients use different Paypal accounts to pay for their different orders. Sometimes, it takes so much time to identify which payment belong to which order. We don’t start linkbuilding unless we have verified the payment of the customer. So, to avoid delays in the startup of the linkbuilding, pls. indicate the correct Paypal email address used to pay us.

Bio info

Our link building service already includes the creation of a contextual bio for you with your keyword embedded in the middle of the paragraph. No need to provide. We will provide a relevant bio info for you depending on the type of service you order. But if you have a preferred bio, just send it to us. Character count – 150-200 characters, Tone – must not be marketing oriented. It must be in plain text format, no codes please. Pls. note that we reserve the right to edit your submitted bio info to ensure its stickiness and relevancy with your chosen keyword.

If your site is displayed in a foreign language, other than English, we prefer you give us your preferred bio info. We are not experts in foreign language. It is better that you provide us the foreign language bio that we can use.

Preferred Name

Don’t provide the Profile Name. We will provide you with fake profile name, username and email address for linkbuilding. But if you have a preferred username because you set it on alert, we can do so. Just indicate in our order form your preferred name/username. You may indicate it in the “Special Instruction” section of the order form. But you should take note that a real link is made by different persons. If links came from the same username, then Google thinks that it is an unnatural link and paid link. Preferrably, links must come from different persons/usernames.


We will provide royalty-free photo. Photos must be as unique as possible. Remember, that we are using different names for linkbuilding. And therefore, they must have different photos. But if you have a preferred photo, pls. send it to us. Don’t send us your real photo. Don’t use your company logo as the picture. File photo must be in .jpg, .bmp, .png. Size is 100 x 100 pixel. Use of avatar is okay. No picture that will catch attention. A picture of a typical average person is okay. Remember, we want to be as discreet as possible so our links will not be detected by the web administrator.

Special Instructions

Indicate here any special instruction you want. Make it as clear as possible to avoid confusion.

Keywords and URLs

Due to the contextual nature of the bio for profile linkbuilding, we can only allow up to a maximum of 2 sets of keywords and urls. Also, web administrators are more likely to delete profile links or comment links that contain more than 2 links.

Make sure that your Keywords & URLs are final. Double check it, for maybe 100x. Pls. note: We don’t allow changes on the keywords and URLs 24 hours after we received the order. Check the ff:

  • Correctness of the URL, if the address really points to the correct website you want to push up.
  • Check if the website you want to backlink to is “live”. You don’t want to pay for backlinks service for an empty or error site.
  • Correct spelling of the keyword and url.
  • No unnecessary characters are included such as , ‘ in the keywords and urls.

Preferably, do not send very long urls like google maps url. The character count limit is already consumed by the url only. Because of that, we cannot create a contextual bio info for your account because there is no room to accommodate the additional characters.

Effectiveness of the keywords and URLs

Check if your keywords are not impossible to rank like “internet”, “computer” and most of the single word keywords. To rank easily on your preferred keywords, the longer the phrase the better it is for you to rank.

If you want the trailing / at the end of the url or you want the www or no www in the url, pls. make sure it is indicated in the link order form. Just indicate in the Special Instruction. Pls. note that Google treats domains with as different with the (with ‘www’). So be consistent with the domain address you want to get better ranking so as not to spread out unnecessarily your linkbuilding efforts.

Diversify your keywords. Gone are days when you have to backlink a certain keyword heavily to get a good ranking. Now, keyword diversity is important. You need to be linked to as many keywords as possible. Although the keyword you want to push receives majority of the links. If there will be no keyword diversity, you run the risk that Google will penalize you for over-optimization.

Natural keywords and link diversity

To ensure naturalness and diversity of your linkbuilding, we include diverse link types in your order, although it is only a small percentage of the total order. Pls. do not be surprised that Natural keywords such as “Click here”, “Visit here” or “url only” link will be included in the keyword mix of your order.

Daily drip rate

Minimum Profiles per set of keywords & urls is 10 profile urls per day. So if you order 100 link package, the estimated completion date is within 10-12 days. Of course, the daily drip rate depends on the age of the website and the total number of links that the site has accumulated over the years. You can specifically instruct us how many links you want to be done on a daily basis for as long as it is a minimum of 10 links per KU set a day. Pls. remember, our profile backlinking is done manually. It takes time and effort for the staff to change her link profile info. Further, our price is set at a 10 links per KU set a day velocity so if you request for a lower daily drip rate, it can be more expensive.
Other types of services like blog commenting, article posting, social linking and bookmarking have lower daily drip rates.

No duplicate use of sites for the same domain

We keep a database of the type of sites used for your account depending on the type of service you ordered. We don’t use the same site or duplicate site for the same domain. We always prepare the sites to use (free of duplicates) before actual linkbuilding. So every new link order for the same domain will have a unique profile urls as compared to the previous orders.

A homepage url is treated different from the inner page url. Thus, a site used in the homepage can used for linkbuilding in the inside pages.

There are cases when your reorders have reached our limit, (you have essentially used up our entire list of sites to use for linkbuilding), we may repeat the use of high PR sites which have been used for your domain several months ago. It is already several months ago that your link was placed on this site and in the natural world, you can get more than 1 link from the same site. But this only happens on highly consolidated orders.

Guaranteed very low attrition rate

We take pride in the low attrition rate of our backlinks as our database of domains are constantly being reviewed to filter out sites that quickly deletes backlinks or did not meet our standards. Site policies change overtime. Some dofollow sites can become nofollow sites. Other sites don’t allow for new registrations or have become dead. That is why we constantly review our list of sites to ensure quality sites for our clients.

All our backlinks orders pass our Quality Control Department. We make sure that at point of making the final report, all links are publicly viewable. However, we cannot guarantee that all of the links will be active after we submit the report. Backlinks stickiness depends upon the site admin policy and the type of the keyword. Definitely, gambling, sex-related and other highly spammed keywords such as credit cards, insurance are most likely to be deleted faster compared to other keywords.

Sometimes, we give out bonus links to cover for links that may be deleted by admin. But this one is solely at our discretion. Sometimes, due to time constraints and level of difficulty in finding sites that accepts the keywords to be backlinked for the client, not all customers will be given bonus or extra links.

Domain Page rank changes

Please do not be surprised when you check the Domain PR of the sites we used, it may display a different rank compared to what is listed in the report. Domain PR changes from time to time depending on the activity of the forum site. So a PR change of 1 to 2 notches higher and lower is natural.

A combination of Anchor text link profiles and website address only profiles

To make it appear to natural to Google, we place your links on a variety of profile types – anchor texted profiles and website address only. High PR forums PR7 to PR 9 are mostly website address only links. It is best to include this type of forum profile links in the mix.

Manual and naturally looking backlinks

All our backlinks orders are manually done at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm a site, so it appears natural to Google search engine. We normally spread out the order of our customer over several days at an average of 10 to25 links URLs a day or even less depending on the type of links being ordered. Blog commenting are very sensitive to link velocity. So, we normally do a maximum of 10 comments a day for this service.

Using robots to posts links is a very risky strategy although the cost per link is very cheap. Robots post several hundreds or thousands links for your site in a day. Definitely, a sudden increase in the number of links pointing to your site is never natural unless your site belongs to the 10 Most Popular websites in the world. The probability of your site being penalized by Google is very high compared to links done manually. It is better to be on the safe side than sorry. Our average turnaround time for our backlinks orders are shown in the order pages. However, some considerable delays may be incurred due to heavy workload and internet service interruption.

Maximum of 2 URLs per profile

Due to the recent Google update, we found out that an embedded anchor text in the bio is more effective than by just placing a link only in the profiles. So our service already included the creation of a relevant contextual bio for linkbuilding. Most of forums have limitations on the number characters that can be placed in the bio. That is why we can accept only 2 sets of keywords and urls to accommodate the contextual bio info to be used. Further, the greater the number of links placed, the greater the probability of the profile being deleted by the site administrator.

Priority Use of the Keywords and URLs

Pls. list your keywords and url pair in the order of priority. Our assumption is that the first keyword that you will provide us is one that is the top priority to be pushed up.

No duplicate link per profile

We don’t place 2 or more keywords in one profile that points to the same url. It is a duplicate link. A waste of effort. This is because when Google bots crawls a website and sees links on the page pointing the same url, Google counts only 1 link. So it is a waste of links if you place 5 keywords pointing to the same URL in one profile. If you want to have value for your money, make sure that you place keywords pointing to different URLS (inside pages of the same domain will do).

We ping all profiles using Pingomatic

On link orders that follow our daily link volume, we ping all the links created for the day. However, on volume link orders (above 100 profiles) created in a single day, we don’t ping the links above 100 but instead spread the pinging of the profiles over several days so as not to raise the red flag of Google.

Forum Profiles links are created on different IPs

Our internet connection is set on dynamic IP addresses on an IP block of several thousands. In a day, we change IP address at least 30 times. We also use “hide real IP” softwares to hide our real IP address so as not to be banned by forum sites.