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Forum Profile Links to our InHouse list of more than 3,000 PR4-PR9 Dofollow sites.

Contextual, anchor text is embedded in the middle of the bio.

Bio info is unique every profile – unique/different bio, name and username for every profile created.

We provide the bio and free photo if the client cannot provide.

This is done on a double pass method, aging is at least 5 days.  Afterwards, we start dripping the links.

Maximum of 2 keywords and urls are allowed per profile due to the contextual nature of the bio.

One-Way Forum Profile Backlinks From our InHouse Database of High Quality PR4 – PR9 DoFollow Websites

Guaranteed Low attrition rate on all the link packages. All Backlinks orders pass through a series of quality control measures starting at the staff level then to the Quality Control Department.

All Backlinks are done manually (so it appears natural to Google).

All Backlinks are pinged via Pingomatic.

No duplicate domain urls used for your link order that is targeted to the same website of yours. We have a software that monitors domain urls used for every client.

An Excel Report is given to the client detailing the usernames, email addresses, passwords used, your public profile URL ( you can check on this urls the validity of the backlinks) and the corresponding list of keywords and urls used.

Ownership of all the accounts created on these high PR sites. (So that you may change anything you want in future.)

Get backlink replacement in case there are non-working links. So you are guaranteed, you get your money’s worth.

Link Package Unique Profile Links
40 $20.00
80 $40.00
120 $60.00
200 $100.00
400 $200.00
800 $360.00
1000 $450.00


Link Package:

Link Package:

Link Package Delivery Days*
40 7 – 10 days
80 8 – 12 days
120 10 – 14 days
200 12 – 16 days
400 15 – 20 days
800 25 – 30 days
1000 depending on agreed daily drip rate.

* Ave. daily drip rate is 10-40 links per day.

Actually, we can finish a single big volume profile order up to 3,000 Profiles in one day if the client wants to. We can just distribute the workload among our more than 25 linkbuilders. However, we do not advise our clients to do too many backlinks too fast because of the risk of the site being penalized by Google. If the client really wants to do linkbuilding heavily in one day, just inform us so we can make the arrangement.

For bulk orders or resellers, pls. request for a quote.