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Avoid Google penalty.  Get natural links.

There was a MASSIVE CHANGE in Google in the last 2 months. You are very fortunate if your site dropped only a few notches down over the last month because many websites recently dropped 50-200 notches below. These are website owners which keep on hammering on just 1 keyword.   That is why their sites dropped so significantly. You are lucky if your linkbuilding campaign targeted various Keywords. Google has become very sophisticated that it is now better at detecting unnatural links.

According to studies, the most common anchor links for Unpaid Or Natural Links are the Website URL, Click Here, Visit this site. Google is now looking if you comply with this requirement otherwise your site will be penalized. After Google’s massive changes it has now become imperative to make your backlinks as natural looking as possible. SEO has now become a
very delicate exercise.

It is therefore highly recommended that you MIX other anchors in your backlinks. Specifically, do at least 25% of natural links such as: URL only links, Click Here, Visit this site in your linkbuilding campaign.

If you have an existing linkbuilding campaign, you can buy this product as an add-on.

Link Package Single Pass Rate
40 $16.00
80 $28.00
120 $36.00
200 $58.00
400 $100.00

Link Package:

Link Package:

Keywords to be used for this package are 1) Click Here 2) Visit this site and 3) URL only.
Only one (1) link per profile.
Submit to us your URL or list of URLs to be used to link the above natural keywords. We will divide accordingly the keywords depending on your package.
We create a contextual bio info for this package.
Delivery period is dependent upon a daily drip rate of 20-40 links a day.