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Social Links

In this age of social networking, Google,  nowadays, are increasingly giving more weight to “social links” in determining search engine results page (SERPs).

Twitter, Facebook and Google + are the three massive social media sites with oodles of active users sharing content each day.  And it is highly recommend that you start your social media presence in these sites.

Content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than content from strangers. When your site is being “liked”, “twitted” and “plused”, it simply means that your site is interesting. And Google loves something interesting.

Because of Google’s giving significance to Social Links, we are offering you this Social Links package that will be built on a gradual basis.  Preferably, this package must be subscribed on a monthly basis to be effective.

Pre-requisite when ordering this package:

If you will order this package, make sure you have the ff:

1)  Three (3) social buttons, shown below, installed in the main page and in inside pages of your website.  You can find a lot of social plugins if you search the net.

Social Buttons to be installed in your website:

2)  Must have your site’s Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+1 Account.

100 Social Links
200 Social Links
100 Facebook Likes
100 Twitter Tweets
100 Google +
200 Facebook Likes
200 Twitter Tweets
200 Google +



Delivery period is 10 – 15 days or depending on agreed drip rate.