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Our Blog Commenting service is probably one of the most fast-acting link building strategy at the cheapest cost.

At only a minimal cost, you can immediately feel the increase in your search engine results within 2-3 weeks from start of link building.  This commenting strategy is very sensitive to link velocity.  We have seen better results if done in a slower pace at a much longer period.  We recommend that this service be subscribed on a monthly basis and dripped at a pace of 3 to10 comments per day.  Blog commenting service must also be supplemented with other link building strategies to ensure continued upturn in rank and to counter any negative effect brought about by link building actions done by competitors.

This is one of the package most recommended to our clients being very cost-effective.  But we have difficulty finding quality comment sites that meet our criteria.  We only have less than 600 quality blog comment sites in our database.   We are continuously exploring new sites to increase our list.  We will inform you if your current reorder breached our limit.

40 Blog Comments
80 Blog Comments
100 Blog Comments
120 Blog Comments

Comments Package:

Comments Package:

Daily drip rate is 3 – 10 comments per day.
Blog comments are posted on high Page PR 2 to PR 6 blog comment sites.  Although, occasionally, we may include comment sites with Page PR less than 1 for link diversity.
Blog comments are posted 100% manually. No automation whatsoever.
All the comments are posted in DoFollow blogs to ensure your links gets tracked back by search engines.
All comments are auto-approved.  No more waiting for moderator approval. Your comment links are immediately viewable to the public.  However, there are cases that after a few days or weeks, the moderator removes comment threads. Nevertheless, the link juice have been passed on and you have enjoyed already an increase in your rank despite the removal of some comment links.  Pls. allow a considerable casualty on this package as we don’t have full control of the site administrators.
Unique comments per link.  We create the spun comments for your order.  No two comments are exactly the same.  We spin the comments to avoid duplicate comments.  No need to submit sample comments to us.
Sensible comments.  We create comments that are neutral yet sensible.  We make sure that your keyword embedded in the comments blends well in the whole sentence structure.  Our end goal of the comment service is stickiness.  We are not out to attract the attention of the site administrator but rather to be crawled by the search engine robots.
No duplicate comment sites used for every url your ordered.  If you will make a reorder for the same url, we make sure that the comments sites for the next order is not duplicate of the previous order.  We maintain a consolidated report for every url used.  A main domair url and an inner page url are treated as separate urls.  Due to the limited number of high quality comment sites and when your order for a certain url has reached our limit, we may use the same comment site used before but we will comment on a separate page or in another article posted on that same domain.  So, essentially, it is still a new comment url.
Only 1 keyword and url is allowed for this order.  We embed your keyword in the middle of the comment or in the username depending on the type of the comment site.  We never spam a blog with many nonsense links.
High Quality Comment Links.  Your order pass our Quality Control Dept.  We make sure that the comment links are “live and viewable by public” at point of making the final report.
All comment links done by staff are supported with screenshots at point of posting.  In the event, that you doubted us if we indeed worked on your order because you were unable to find the comment links, we can send you the screen shots of the actual comments if you want to.  Should you want to check on the comment links, please note that the comment link may have moved to the next pages.  The comment url we will send to you in the report is the url of the comment at point of posting.