Must Read! Google’s SEO Starter Guide

May 11, 2012


To be effective in your SEO campaign, you must first understand what Google wants to see in your website.  We want to rank in Google search results.  Therefore, it is important that we know what Google wants so we can formulate a strategy that meets Google’s requirements.  This is a “MUST READ” for every website owner.  You should take the time to read this guide being distributed by Google.

Download Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide here.

With all those litany of things to do, we recommend you hire someone to the SEO stuff for you.  Your time is too valuable for those nitty gritty stuff.  But of course, you have to understand what seach engine optimization is all about for you to be able to give an effective instruction to your SEO consultant.  While a lot of SEO guys claim to be the expert, it cannot be denied that you are the king in  your industry.  You know more what is happening in your industry than your SEO consultant.  It is best that there is an open communication between you and your SEO consultant so that a more effective SEO strategy will be undertaken.  Just find the good guys out there that can give value for your money.

If you have questions about what would be the best SEO strategy for you, don’t hesitate to contact us