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Is your site heavily battered by Google penalties that it appears like there is no hope for resurrecting your business?

Based on our study of several clients over one year, we found out that creating a new site in a new domain in a Responsive platform is the most cost-effective way to resurrect your business than trying to resurrect an old domain name that is heavily penalized by Google.

To resurrect your site, we will migrate your old site to the new domain of your choice using a responsive WordPress platform.

If your site is not battered by Google penalties but is still not responsive, then you need to convert your site now.  Google is sending out emails to website owners to convert their site to mobile-friendly designs.  When a mobile user searches Google, responsive sites are given priority by Google in the search results. Remember that about 74% of internet users access the Internet via mobile.  So, if your site is not responsive yet, your search results rank will be pushed down further.  It is best that you make the conversion of your website to responsive design now before your non-reaction to the changes in technology will greatly affect your sales.

Why WordPress?  Based on our experience, SEO management is much easier with WordPress sites even to a non-techie website owner.

Why Responsive WP platform?  Google favors responsive sites as it provides better user experience to the visitor who are accessing in different types of devices such as mobiles and tablets. Aside from helping your rank, it can also improve your conversions as the site looks better and easy to navigate.

Our rate

We offer you the most affordable rate in the Migration of your website to Responsive WordPress design sites. Of course, our rate is dependent upon extent of change and volume of content to be converted.  Nevertheless, we will try to work within your budget.  Please inform us of your budget constraints so we can adjust the level of conversion that we are going to make to fit your budget.

This migration service includes the ff.

  1. Converting your site into a responsive WordPress platform with the look and feel (color and design) like the old site so that existing customers can still identify the new site as the same company as the old site.
  2. Putting all your articles (rewritten), graphics and contact forms into the new responsive WordPress site
  3. Installation of the sitemap, WP SuperCache and other necessary WP plugins
  4. Installation of social buttons linked to your social accounts
  5. Basic onsite SEO like the meta tags, titles and description of the homepage

The above price does not include rewriting of the content if there is a need to rewrite existing content.  The price for the rewriting of the articles that will pass Copyscape will be sent to you separately.

Once we have agreed on a price and you sent us your payment, we will create the working site in a demo url that is locked for public access until you are ready to migrate the new site into the new domain name.

On the average, allow us 7 to 14 days to complete the migration assuming all the info needed are all with us.

After the new site is created, we will allow the new site to sit for about 2 months to allow Google to index the new content in the new domain.  Afterwhich, we will start working on the SEO work to resurrect your site back to page 1, then to no. 1 if your budget permits.   Depending on your budget and the competitiveness of your keyword, we will talk again your SEO strategy once your site is ready for the SEO campaign.

In the meantime, let’s migrate your new site to a responsive design.  Contact us for a quote.

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