The Ultimate Solution to Diversity of Links

We are fully aware how Google hates unnatural links and low quality content.  In recent days, we’ve seen how Google devalues unnatural links, de-indexes private blog networks and de-rank over-SEO’d websites. The recent wave of attack by Google on de-indexing private blog networks has caused a lot of panic among SEO experts.   It is like a huge tsumani or earthquake that rocked the SEO world.  As a result, there’s been a lot of soul-searching these days over what SEO strategy to take.  Profile links are not as powerful as before.  No more private blog networks service for article links.  Automated backlinking rings the sandbox bell of Google.  Indeed, website owners are now in the quandary what to do next.

But Backlinks are here to stay.  It will continue to play a very vital role in the Google’ ranking algorithm.   How then should you rank a website except by links or citations? BUT the links must look NATURAL.  More than ever, NATURAL LINKS is the name of the game in the SEO World now.  How to do links the natural way or appear natural?  To be NATURAL is to do your backlinking campaign – MANUALLY, SLOWLY, CONSTANTLY and DIFFERENTLY.

So, the smartest thing to do in your SEO campaign now to be NATURAL is to DIVERSIFY your links and to do it SLOWLY and REGULARLY.

And we have created a product to answer this call for NATURAL LINKS…

Your ultimate solution to DIVERSITY of LINKS.

Introducing LINK COCKTAIL with a punch*

Link Cocktail is a mixture/combination of the different types of links done in a slower pace (manual), at a daily drip rate that appears natural to Google (between 3 – 20 links per day).  The package must be subscribed on a regular basis (monthly) to make it appear natural to Google.  To rank no. 1 in Google is a long term goal.  Gone are the days when you want a quick turn-around in your rank for every link package order.  Otherwise, you ran the risk of ringing the bell of Google.  Patience is the virtue if you want meaningful results in your SEO campaign.  Besides, the effectiveness of the link strategy also depends on the competitiveness of the keyword you are fighting for. The more competitive the keyword, the more difficult to rank. Therefore, the longer the time for the effect to be felt.

With a punch, because we included a link strategy as part of the package that is confidential to protect our SEO strategy from being detected by Google. We can provide you reports on all the types of links we created for you except for this SEO“punch” strategy we have. Our goal is to make sure that you renew your subscription with us. So, it is our duty to make the Link Cocktail cost-effective. If you are unhappy with the result, you can just unsubscribe.

Maximum of two (2) keywords and urls are allowed for the Forum Profile Links, Wiki Links and Article Links. The two (2) keywords must be related.  We will also add “Click here” and “url” only for link diversity.
We will chose 1 priority keyword and url for the Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking and Twitter Tweets.
Make sure you have the FB like, Google+ and Twitter buttons installed in your website esp. in the homepage.
No need to write the article for the Article Links and Wiki Links.  We will write them for you and spin/shuffle the article so it appears unique.  The articles will be Copyscape passed.
You can send us your logo and company profile for your video.  This video is for SEO marketing purposes only.
We will send you a detailed excel report of all the links done except for the SEO “punch” strategy.
Delivery period to complete the order is approximately 30 days.
For aged or high traffic websites, you can double/triple the volume for each link type.

For a customized Link Cocktail Package, pls. contact us for a quote.