How to make your site “SEO Natural”?

May 11, 2012

How does Google consider links as unnatural? There are many signals which Google uses to detect unnatural backlinking. For example, if your backlinks consist of JUST ONE TYPE of backlinks then it will be considered as Unnatural. In the real world, you will get all types of backlinks. If your site gets just a few anchor text variations and NO such anchors as “Click Here” and “Visit this site”, then your links will be considered as Unnatural. If you get a sudden surge of backlinks and then nothing afterwards then it will also be considered as Unnatural because natural links grow over time and almost never stops.

So, how to be “SEO Natural”?

Naturalness of SEO is not something that is an Either Or Situation such as the Choice between either Black or White. It is not Natural or Unnatural because this is a matter of DEGREE. If your current SEO campaign is not too unnatural as what the other guys are doing when they are blasting hundreds of links per day all over the place, then your current campaign’s degree of naturalness can still be improved on a number of areas like the variation of anchor text, adding natural anchors, and going for additional link types.

With regards to introducing anchor text variations, you, as the site owner knows the best money keywords in your industry. You do not need to add as many as twenty Keywords in your link building campaign. An additional 5 to 10 Keywords would be fine. Then, you add the natural anchors like “Click here”, “Visit this site”, “here” and a url only link.

Google is now giving importance to social signals. If your site is being “tweeted”, “liked” and “plused” by several people, then it simply means your site is interesting to be worth the “like and sharing”. We recommend to add “social links” in your SEO campaign.

For an SEO campaign to be natural and effective, it must be done on a consistent basis and spread out over a period of days every month. A large volume of links in one day and nothing afterwards will trip off Google’s “naturalness” filters. Unless, your site is one that creates headlines, a regular subscription of a diverse link package is recommended for you.

So, in summary, these are the measures to increase the “naturalness” of your SEO campaign:

1. Increase your anchor text variation.
2. Include natural anchors like, Click Here, Visit this site, URL links.
3. Always spread out the link building over several days.
4. Be consistent with your link building.
5. Get as many link types as possible.
6. Add Social Links such as Twitter Tweets, Google Plus and Facebook Likes.

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