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Symphonics Co. Ltd., the company behind BacklinksPhilippines.com, is one of the fastest growing SEO company in the Philippines. With only less than two years in operation as an SEO company, the company boasts of being one of the trusted SEO companies by prominent Internet marketers as well as the force behind the top SEO companies in US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, among others.

Who we are:

  • We are a team of highly trained professionals that can get your SEO needs done.
    We do all your work in-house. We have a team of 40 highly trained professionals and still growing. You are assured that we get your orders done because we have control of our people. Further, we can hire more people if the current staff level will be insufficient to handle your requirements.
  • You are guaranteed a world-class quality work at very affordable price.
    Our price is very low compared to other SEO companies yet you are guaranteed of a world-class quality work. Check our testimonials to verify the kind of work we do. Compare our pricing with other reliable SEO companies and you’ll know why it is cost-effective to work with us.
  • Your money is safe with us.
    In the Internet world where scammers abound, you can trust that your money is safe with us. If in any event we are unable to perform your job order, we can send you a refund immediately. We want to have a long-term relationship with our clients and trust and integrity is our key to achieving this goal.
  • We have a huge customer base that trust us.
    To date, we have done approximately 2,000,000 manual links in behalf of our clients. We wouldn’t have reached that huge volume if our customers are not satisfied with the quality of our work.
  • Our labor pool can be expanded anytime.
    The Philippines has a large pool of available talent with excellent English language skills that can be hired at short notice. With that, we can handle any large scale demand of our services given enough time.


We guarantee that we take utmost care in providing you with the highest quality service possible.  Should there be any case that we commit mistakes, we can arrange for the replacements or give your money back. It’s your choice.